Pros Of Installing A Variable Speed Swamp Cooler

Unlike conventional air conditioning and cooling systems, evaporative coolers cool your indoor air by pulling outdoor air through water-soaked pads then releasing the cooled air into your living space. If you are a homeowner who wants to upgrade your home’s cooling system, a variable speed evaporator cooler is can be a great option. The main advantage of the evaporative coolers is that they offer a remarkable experience in the way they cool your home. With this system, you are at liberty to open your doors and windows with no fear of losing circulated air.

The main advantage of installing a swamp cooler, especially a variable speed model, is that they give you maximum control over how and to what levels the unit cools your home. To get to the nitty gritty details, here are some of the benefits of variable speed evaporative coolers.

#1 – Noise Reduction

Where fan or motor noise may be a problem, a variable speed evaporative cooler is your best option. The use of a centrifugal fan in the VS evaporative cooler is equipped with an electronically commutated direct drive motor that gives you a cooler that is not only powerful but also quite quiet. The direct drive motor is super efficient and keeps energy use minimum in addition to noise reduction.

#2 – Water Conservation

As we all know, water is becoming a limited natural resource and should, therefore, be used conservatively, ensuring that there is no wastage whatsoever. With this type of a cooler, you are ensured of saving up on this precious resource. These units come with an inbuilt probe that prevents the system from overfilling with water. The use of a patented 4 probe is used to ensure that water is only brought in when required. The patented 4 probe measures the water at 4 levels, the probe at the top minimizing overfilling. This is a sure way of minimizing water wastage.

#3 – Higher Energy Efficiency and Better Cooling Performance

With the ever increasing prices of electricity, finding a home appliance that helps you save on utility bills would be of an advantage. The speed-variable evaporative cooler has a control power module that ensures the cooler operates at optimum efficiency every time. The control power module is smart, and reliable, and is designed to ensure that the unit only runs as and when needed to save as much energy as possible during its operation. Another benefit of having a variable speed evaporative cooler is that they will give you the best performance in terms of regulating the air temperature in your house. They are more efficient which means cutting down on utility bills because this cooler has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

#4 – Great Control over Your Cooling Comfort

With variable speed evaporator coolers, you are in control of the air flow speeds needed for your home. The easy to use LCD functionality wall controllers and remote control ensure that you don’t leave the comfort of your couch to adjust or switch off the unit. Variable speed evaporative coolers are automated in the sense that, they will make automatic adjustments by monitoring your heating and cooling system.

#5 – Lower Maintenance Costs

Variable speed evaporative coolers do not power up to full speed when switched on, they gradually pick up on speed. This minimizes the chances of tear and wears to the units parts. You will have low maintenance costs at the end of the day. It also helps to increase the longevity of the unit, especially with proper maintenance.


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